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Who We Are


We are a local organization founded to help people.

Sexual dysfunction affects most men and women at least once in their lives. But sadly it isn’t talked about. Instead, people are made to feel embarrassed or abnormal. Nothing about sexual dysfunction is unusual or bad. It definitely isn’t the fault of the person who has it.


What We Do

We are a local organization founded to help people. We want to lend a hand to what some consider a shameful secret.

  • We provide a team of trained counselors, therapists, and doctors.
  • We are here to make you comfortable and help along with a positive recovery.
  • We will go through each measure possible to get to the root of your problem.
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Sexual Dysfunction In Men And Women: Overview

Sexual Dysfunction is described as having difficulty with sexual activity at any stage.

Sexual Bullying Among Kids

Sadly sexual bullying can happen at any age. It is not restricted to adults. In fact, it is actually thriving among young adults and teens.

Drug Substance Abuse Risks Among Sexual Minorities

Sexual minorities are groups of people whose sexuality is different from what is considered the norm. 


Behavioral Treatment

We try to delve into what is going on in your head and preventing you from enjoying sex.

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Communicating your issues with your partner can also help anxiety.

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If a medication you take is affecting your ability to have a healthy sex life it is very important to consider options.


Mechanical Implants

Penile implants or vacuum devices can help men with erectile dysfunction. There are also vacuum devices and dilators for women.

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Committing to therapy with a trained counselor can change everything for you.

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Sex Therapy

Sex therapists could be very helpful to couples or individuals. They can also help with marital counseling.

Why Choose Us


At the Center For Combating Sexual Dysfunctions in Westminster, Colorado we provide multiple options for treatment.


Reliable and Effective

We have years of experience coupled with professional and licensed staff.

24x7 Support

24x7 Support

Our dedicated staffs are waiting to assist you whenever you need help.

Cost Saving

Low Cost

Money is not our priority. Your recovery is what fuels us to move further.

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We are a local organization founded to help people. We want to lend a hand to what some consider a shameful secret.