Overcoming Sexual Performance Anxiety

It is common for men and women to have sexual performance anxiety. It does not matter what age they are or how much intercourse they have had. It is experienced usually at least once by everyone.

This can be a stressful experience for anyone. It can keep people from wanted to have sexual activity at all.

Why Does Sexual Performance Anxiety Happen?

Performance anxiety is usually a result of negative thoughts. This can mean being influenced by their appearance. Like their body, breast or penis size, or even stress. Anxiety can be a huge problem because people just overthink it.

Men could have issues like erectile dysfunction due to performance anxiety or they could have anxiety as a result. Women might feel pressured to look a certain way or to be expected to orgasm.

It is easy to feel self-conscious because of performance anxiety. That just increases stress and anxiety.

The mind can really make sexual performance anxiety worse. When you get anxious your body produces stress hormones. This can lead to actual performance issues. It’s important to not let your mind overtake your body.

Of course, it is important if you think your sexual performance anxiety isn’t mind related to going see a doctor. You can even see a doctor if you think it is stress related. Talking about it can help. It can be good to ease your mind by going to a doctor too.

Tips On Overcoming Sexual Performance Anxiety

  • Talk To Your Sexual Partner

That’s the number one advice out there. Hopefully, the person you have sexual activity with is someone you feel comfortable talking to. That way you can explain how you feel. This can affect your relationship.

Good communication can really open the doors to issues. Sharing your problems can relieve a burden and sometimes solve the issue.

  • Don’t Focus On The Sex

Sometimes having so much importance on the sexual act can cause anxiety. It might be easier to take a more roundabout approach. This could mean focusing more on seduction or even relationship aspects.

Maybe spend more time together without sex expectations. Take a bath together or have a couples massage. Intimacy is more than just sexual activity. Maybe even take turns trying to please each other. Feel closer and safer as a result.

Letting Go Of Sexual Performance Anxiety

For women especially having anxiety can keep them from achieving orgasm or feeling comfortable having sex. There are expectations for how women should look or act. Many women feel anxiety about these things just like men. This impedes on their sexual activity.

If a woman has anxiety it can cause there to be less lubrication. If a man is anxious it can cause erectile dysfunction or other issues.

Letting go of the anxiety can really help. Try to involve some stress-free activities. It can also help to get help for your anxiety. Such as medications. Try to relax with each other and things will get better.