How To Deal With Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

How To Deal With Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

Sexual harassment at work has been a serious problem for a long time. Luckily many policies are now changing to combat and make reporting easier for victims. The crackdown on sexual harassment is one of the best parts of our modern work society these days.

No one should ever have to suffer from a toxic work environment. It can cause long-lasting issues that need much work to help along with healing.

What The Law Says About Sexual Harassment

The most important thing to do to move on from your sexual harassment is acknowledging what happened to you. Unwanted sexual advances are just that, unwanted. You did not ask for them, and you are not to blame. It happened to you and it was not okay.

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) says that it is against the law to harass someone because of their sex. Also, it is against the law to make unwelcome sexual advances, requesting sexual favors, touch someone inappropriately, make sexual remarks, engage in sexual bullying, and share sexually-offensive jokes.

Creating a hostile work environment by bullying sexual or coming on to people is against the law, and you can complain because of it.

There is also this idea that only men can sexually harass women. That is not true. Women are just as capable of being the culprit. Men can also sexually harass each other and women can sexually harass each other.

How Sexual Harassment Impacts Victims

Sexual harassment affects everyone differently. Some people can brush it off while others are deeply traumatized. There’s no one way you’re meant to handle it, and it’s okay to end up on any side.

Being in denial about what you experienced is actually really common. Once accepted people can feel like the victim and feel lots of shame because of it. It can cause a low self-esteem issue. It can lead people to feel listless and depressed every day.

It can even cause people to feel angry, suffer from anxiety, along with feeling hopeless and powerless and out of control.

Tips On Healing From Sexual Harassment

Once you have suffered from sexual harassment you may feel like moving on is not a possibility. It is important though to know that it is totally a possibility. Here are some tips that can hopefully help you along in your journey.

–    Accept. Try and learn to accept what happened. You don’t need to be in denial, and you need to know that what you experienced happened and was not okay. Discovering healthy ways to express your feelings can help as well. Be it yoga, prayer, exercise, or something else.

–    Talk To Someone About It. Don’t suffer alone and tell someone you trust about your experiences. Talking about it can really help you heal.

–    Journal. Writing about your experience can also help you look over your emotions and understand what happened. It’s a safe place where you don’t need to filter what you’re saying.

–    Don’t Blame Yourself. Most important of all don’t blame yourself. You didn’t bring this on yourself, someone else didn’t respect boundaries and broke the law, and you didn’t deserve it.