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Treating Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction can be disruptive and embarrassing. It can really affect someone’s self-esteem and their intimacy with loved ones. It can increase anxiety and stress.

It is important to get treatment for sexual dysfunction so that you can move on and live your best life.

At the Center For Combating Sexual Dysfunctions in Westminster, Colorado we provide multiple options for treatment. It is essential to meet the needs of every individual. That is why we offer different solutions. Not everyone has the same answer, and it isn’t always easy to find.

Let’s go through some of our options.

  • Behavioral Treatment- We try to delve into what is going on in your head and preventing you from enjoying sex. We offer ways to better your relationship and give advice for self-stimulation or even treatment for issues with desire.
  • Communication/Education.

If you are educated about sex and corresponding behaviors, it can help. It can help by helping someone get over their anxieties related to sex. Communicating your issues with your partner can also help anxiety.

  • Medication.

If a medication you take is affecting your ability to have a healthy sex life it is very important to consider options. Maybe there needs to be a change in your medication.

We can even offer hormone shots or pills that might assist. There are different drugs or methods possible to help your sexual dysfunction.

  • Mechanical Implants.

Penile implants or vacuum devices can help men with erectile dysfunction. There are also vacuum devices and dilators for women.

  • Psychotherapy.

Committing to therapy with a trained counselor can change everything for you. You can talk about past traumas that might be affecting you sexually now. They can help with anxiety or shame you feel about your body. They can work on you with your self-esteem and fear.

All of these problems can affect your sexual abilities.

  • Sex Therapy.

Sex therapists could be very helpful to couples or individuals. They can also help with marital counseling. Those who are willing to take time and work with a professional can help improve their sex lives.

What Is Considered Success In Treatment

Sexual dysfunction is treated successfully by figuring out the underlying problem. That means addressing what can be causing those sexual issues. It is generally possible to lessen or reverse issues with sexual dysfunction.

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